Douglas Mill Douglas Mill Consulting : Supporting professional practice


Douglas Mill Consulting provides discreet and confidential professional advice directly to the client. Underpinning the organisation are the core values of independence, confidentiality and avoidance of conflict. Predicated on unique professional experience and perspective the organisation will provide focus-relevant and jargon-free advice to firms of all size and nature.

A low-cost base means this advice is affordable to all firms and allows them to access up-to-date academic theory and practical experience.

Healthcheck Service

Packages can be tailored for firms of all sizes and can include an initial healthcheck meeting, quarterly half-day meetings, the structure and conduct of an annual retreat and a confidential helpline number. For the small/medium firm this service can cost as little as £195 per month plus VAT meaning that management advice and assistance with issues can be available at a fraction of the cost of employing an office junior.

Our Services

  • Health Check/Helpline "Surgery"
  • Succession Planning/Restructuring
  • Management Support Programme
  • In-House CPD Programme
  • Management CPD Group Programme
  • Rural Firm Support
  • Careers Planning/Mentoring
  • Preparing for Partnership
  • Setting up in Business
  • Preparing for Managing Partner
  • Facilitated Support Group
  • AGM/Non-Executive/Retreat
  • Marketing and Client Surveys/Reports
  • Fire fighting – Commission – Media-Claims
  • Contingency Planning and Risk Management
  • Confidential Register
  • Conference Speakers